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The Allison Cameron Band

Raw Sangudo


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Bang On a

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Notes of a Contemporary Composer . . .

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Upcoming Commissioned Works

2009: Motion Ensemble, New Brunswick

2009: Toca Loca Ensemble, Toronto

2009: Contact Contemporary Music, Toronto

2008: Ergo Projects, Milton

Upcoming Recording Projects

2009: Wiek Hijmans, solo electric guitar CD to record Tree Ferns (2003/5) for a forthcoming release on X-OR, Holland.

2009: The Allison Cameron Band, premiere CD of works for banjo and two guitars by Allison Cameron for a forthcoming release on the Rat-Drifting label, Toronto.

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The Allison Cameron Band

Allison Cameron - banjo, harmonica
Eric Chenaux - acoustic guitar, harmonica
Stephen Parkinson - electric guitar, harmonica
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This trio began playing in the winter of 2007, working on Allison Cameron's compositions based on traditional folk music. Some of the music borrows tablature notation from traditional English folk tunes in a non-conformist manner, using re-tuned guitars and banjo, new rhythm, free rhythm and sometimes no rhythm to re-invent and create new pieces out of the old work. Similar to the definition of a palimpsest: a manuscript on which two or more successive texts have been written, each one being erased to make room for the next with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often legible. The group combines approaches to composition and improvisation often found in rock and jazz bands with that of contemporary music composition.

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